Pride Fundraising

We're Moving all of our customers to our new platform FundMonkey!  

Thank you to all our Pride Fundraising customers who helped us prove that a campaign management interface will help any group boost profits and proceeds from their event based fundraiser.  

To improve the scope of our software we've launched FundMonkey! 

The most important part of an event-based fundraiser or "thon" fundraiser is the campaign.  FundMonkey will help you manage your fundraising campaign and increase both offline and online donations by as much as 30% or more!  

When you follow our proven formula, "Communication + Motivation = Participation = Donation", you will increase donations and keep profits of 90 to 95% after expenses.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed! 

FundMonkey will provide campaign management tools for your Fun Run, Bike-a-thon and Walk-a-thon.  Visit our example site to see FundMonkey in action.  





Watch our video to learn more about FundMonkey  


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